Health Benefits


Sauerkraut is normally a success, but it must go through three specific stages of fermentation. Leuconostoc mesenteroides produces carbon dioxide, it replaces the oxygen in the jar, This makes the environment anaerobic or free of oxygen. This stage lasts between one and three days, depending on temperature. Then lactic acids reach between .25% and .3%, Leuconostoc mesenteroides bacteria slow down and die off. The enzymes continue to function and lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus cucumeris continue the ferment until lactic acid reaches about 1.5% or 2%. This stage continues for 10-30 days, depending on temperature. So do not refrigerate just yet. If you have used a lot of salt this will slow down the process. Keep the ferment in a reasonably warm part of the house. In the final stage the bubbles cease completely. During this stage the Lactobacillus brevis comes into play to bring the lactic acid up to 2.5% or thereabouts. Your ferment is done after about a week of stage three and so the total time of the ferment can go from 20 to 40 days depending on the temperature. For the sauerkraut ferment try the ingredients list 3.

Improved gut bio is the foundation of all health. This statement was made by Andrew Rubie in December 2014.

Health benefits are the big reason for making and eating fermented foods. And the big benefit is improved gut bio according to our nutritional advisors. This is the basis for all health pursuits. If you look at one scenario for example it is the leaky gut syndrome. The immediate effects are damage to the autoimmune system and then the thyroid gland which in turn causes damage to circulation via cell temperature, brain, hormones, skin and hair and the big one is uncontrollable weight gain. So gut flora is part of the program to rebuild the gut. With it will improve the digestive system and the elimination system. as you can imagine both of these are vital to general health and for those of us who wish to move ahead of the pack and become super healthy all this is absolutely essential.
Fermented food is the one for this purpose and when you get to the stage of seeking extra health you will find that a quick walk through the supermarket is just that. A quick walk!! There is nothing nutritious in there so all those previously appreciated flavours are gone and need to be replaced with a range of foods which can be enjoyed with variety.
The specific nutrients will be listed as we touch on specific dishes in these pages.