Common Recipes


There are many methods which work effectively  and here are a couple of recipes which work to create fermented vegetables.

Ingredients 1
A large Head of cabbage
One kilo of carrots
Chilli flakes to taste
Salt to taste
For this recipe a starter was used which was a Mercola probiotic capsule. The starter is not really necessary but the recipe is good for beginners as there is almost no chance of a mishap.

Ingredients 2
A large head of Cabbage
One kilo of carrots
One small beetroot.
Starter is optional
Two cloves of garlic.

Ingredients 3
One head of Cabbage
One bunch of chopped kale
2 cups of wakame seaweed
One tablespoon of dill seed
No starter needed with this one

Always wash every surface and kitchen tool use, and wash off the soap with white vinegar. You want to be sure there aren’t any traces of food, bacteria or soap which could spoil your ferment.

Finely shred and combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl.

Separate a few cups of this mixture and blend to a juicy to make a thick liquid. Add this liquid back to the other vegetables in your bowl and mix it all up.

Pack this all very tightly into glass containers as large as possible but fill about 1” or a little more from the top as the veggies will expand once they begin fermenting.

Use a couple of cabbage leaves flat on the top to seal the mix and then seal your lid on tightly. When you pack it all in the juice should rise up to and at least partially cover the flat leaves on top. Some roll cabbage leaves into balls and use to hold the mix down.

You will be surprised at the pleasant taste of the food and the relative speed of preparation but this food you have created contains most of the bacteria listed in the shop bought products and at a concentration which could be thousands of times better.

During the fermenting period, lactic acid is released from the food, killing off the “bad” bacteria that would ordinarily cause your food to turn rotten. Slowly, beneficial bacteria and enzymes emerge which increase the digestibility of your food, and in turn, helps restore these wonderful “missing links” to your gut which may have been harmed by a diet rich in processed or packaged foods. For those of us that feel better with a starter the Grainfield’s BE liquid is excellent as it is a liquid and has a good spectrum of beneficial bacteria.