Well hello. It is normally a healthy soul visiting these pages or at least someone who is on a path towards health. Fermented foods today are one of the fine tunings of a healthy program. Rawfoodists and vegetarians generally include fermented foods sometime along the path as there are a great range of nutrients and some exciting flavors to be enjoyed.

We have started this page without a lot of background as we go through the entry process but of course there is miles of information out there and we hope to collate a large quantity of information in the site. We have of course spent some time with fermented probiotics, kefir, sauerkraut and other fermented foods which we take for granted. The point is that we are here to offer free information in the form of study information on all aspects of natural health. There are thousands of aspects and fermented food is high amongst the genuine nutrient dense foods which are available to those seeking excellent health or even deliverance from disease.

We do have a few favorite people who we have followed for some years and the site is dedicated to them and their work in the field of fermenting. It has been going on for centuries as an obvious way to store food and in many climates to survive the cold season when nothing grows. The practice was extended from basic storage to connection with health issues when ships used by explorers were using the fermented foods to provide vitamin C which stops scurvy, a disease directly related to the absence of vitamin C in the diet. More recently the fermented foods have been identified as providing a rich source of nutrients and as usual have attracted a lot of attention from the health seekers.

From there the information varies with different fermented foods and we plan to provide information on all the regular fermented food products available as well. This group includes the Miso and Soy sauce type products, the fermented dairy group and fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut. Most foods can be fermented into a form which is digestible and pleasant tasting and many recipes will be listed on this website along with their specific nutritional values. For the vegetarians, vegans, rawfoodists, paleo and keto adherants we will start with fermented vegetable discussion and recipes, then later cover fermented meats and finally dairy.

Hope you enjoy the site